First post…


“My mind’s a kaleidoscope, it thinks too fast. Blurring all the colors ’til I can’t see past the last mistake, the choice I made, staring in the mirror with myself to blame”

Hope of Morning by Icon for Hire

     I’m here today to share with you why I’ve decided to make this. Well, I want to share my life with the world. I want people to enjoy reading about the roller coaster that I am. That’s why I’ve brought my life to this site instead of the people I know.
     As much as I hate to admit it, my life is pretty normal compared to others, and it’s boring. I need some adventure, fun, romance, something to spice up my life. I have plans for that in the future, but nothing I can do about it now but write about it. 
     I’m just a teenage girl, living an average teenage life. I act, sing, play the flute, I guess you could call me “well rounded”. I won’t go any further into detail, though. That’s for another time.


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