Stars, the most perplexingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen. They give the night sky just the right amount of diversity.
What’s so strange about them is that a lot of them are far larger than our Earth, but they’re so impossibly far away, they seem as if a needle poked thousands, if not millions of tiny holes in the fabric that is the night sky.

Also, I’ve never seen a death more beautiful than that of a star. Silent bursts of color millions of light years away. As well as their own natural beauty, I’m sure these tiny white spots in the sky have inspired countless pieces of art, whether they’re drawn, painted, crafted, written, played or sang. I don’t know about you, but I’ve deemed myself undyingly curious as to what a star looks like up close. Maybe one day I’ll get to see one, no matter the means. Through a telescope, or maybe in person. There may be many phenomena on our planet, but why stop here when there are infinitely more in the impossibly large universe outside?


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