BEDA Day 3: School

This one may be surprising, but yes. I am beyond thankful for this hell we call school.

Let’s be honest. I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for school. I wouldn’t have met my amazing friends (or my crush), I wouldn’t have been so musical or artistic, and I probably wouldn’t be writing this… I’d probably be doing something productive. My personality would not be shaped the way it is. 

There are so many opportunities that come with school, and a lot of them connect with your life outside of school as well. Most music programs have concerts after school hours, theatre requires you to stay after like ALL THE TIME, and clubs meet after school… But it’s all worth it. It’s more time I don’t have to worry about spending wisely, and more friends I could potentially make.

I say how school makes me anxious and depressed, but imagine how much MORE anxious and depressed I’d be if I never did anything like go to school, having little to no friends… I’d rather not, actually. Long story short, I might not be alive. 

Life would especially suck if I hadn’t met the person I’m collaborating with on this challenge!! Go check out her blog here!


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