BEDA Day 8: Sisters

I have a few sisters… Technically. Of course biology doesn’t really mean much when you only ever see one of them. “Oh, the other two must have moved out or something” You may think. News flash- I’m the oldest. My sisters? They’re eleven (Yes, all three of them and no, they’re not triplets).

Biology sucks. My mom wasn’t the brightest 20 year old. My dad’s an asshole. I haven’t seen two of my sisters in close to 2 years now and the other one’s annoying as all hell. I love them all though. They all make me unique, whether it’s solely from looks or everything.

I miss my sisters a lot though. Why don’t I visit them? They live four hours north and I don’t feel like dealing with my dad. I’ll explain more about my dad(s) another day. But the sister that is here, she’s great and all but really moody… And annoying. She’s short and pale with short, dark hair and soul-piercing blue-grey eyes. She’s adorable and it annoys the shit out of me. Like when she’s my age she’ll be gorgeous. I think one of my sisters takes after me in particular, when it comes to looks anyway. I’m not sure what their personalities have turned into, though. Again, I haven’t seen them in two years. I wish I had gotten to grow up with them… I feel so detached… Hell, I don’t even know when their birthday is (Yes, the two I don’t see are twins)! It makes me feel awful, especially when I’m so busy being self-depreciative and anxious that I forget they exist.

I wasn’t always the oldest… Aren’t divorces great?? I used to have three older step-brothers. I’m not sure if they were all my brothers at the same time, but I only had 2 by the time my sisters were born. The brothers on my dad’s side have turned out to be stoners and assholes, and I don’t know what happened to my other brother. I miss having a brother. There’s too many girls in my life.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today… Expect something different tomorrow!


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