BEDA Day 10: Earth

So, the Earth. It’s a massive rock of chance, if you really think about it. The Earth was made at just the right distance from the sun and from the rest of the planets, and even if we may not know how the moon got here, it is a massive influence on the ecosystem. Humans were put on this planet, just because of this chain of phenomena, from the creation of the universe, to the creation of the Earth. It’s insane.

And to think, out of everything you could be doing, you’re here. Reading my silly blog. There are millions of other blogs you could be reading, far more interesting than mine (This blog for example). 7 billion people on this planet and you’re here reading about my life.

Also, think about how bizarre everything on this planet is! How did fruits evolve peels? How did balls of liquid become the things we see out of? What even are toes? I have far too many questions that I probably won’t get an answer to any time soon.

It’s strange how everything impacts everything else. I could pick a flower and I just took a life. I could’ve taken a home or some animal’s dinner, just for aesthetic pleasure in my home! Also, why do animals adapt to the environment but we keep using the world’s resources to make life easier? Is there a reason that humans need to be more sheltered than any other animal? Are humans really the most important part of the Earth? Or are we just the most damaging? Think about that next time you miss the trash can but are too lazy to go pick your trash up, or decide that the ground is a better trash can than a trash can. If you can’t tell I care about the environment.

Sorry this is so short, I don’t really know where this is going anyway and the deadline to get this out is in about an hour sooooo I’ll be back tomorrow! Bye!


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