BEDA Day 12: Friends

Today’s blog is dedicated to all of my friends. I’m not going to go very far in depth because I will be elaborating on certain people on certain days. 

Friendship gets you through the worst of shit. Project due? Work with a bro to finish it. Dealing with rejection? Your friends will give you hugs. Some bitch hating on you? Your friends have your back. They’re there when no one else cares. Nobody else takes time and energy out of their day to make sure you’re smiling. Nobody else does their damn best to make sure you have the best mother fucking birthday party you’ve ever had. 

I’m sad to say that some friends go, dare I say, corrupt. They become a total asshole and ruin your life. You waste your anger and tears on them because you trusted them. And none of it is your fault, it’s really them deciding they don’t need you anymore… But in reality they’re just showing you that they don’t deserve your friendship. 

Also, some friends are really great but they’re… Not exactly the best influences. They may, perhaps, smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol, break the rules just because there are rules…. I’m not judging anyone that does these things, and I would totally still be your friend if you did these things, as long as you don’t pressure me into doing it too. If some friend is pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do it (I’m not going to lie, not sure when this became an advice blog). 

Anyway, speaking of friendship, go check out my so totally awesome friend’s blog right here! See you guys tomorrow!!


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