Do any of you know what it’s like to perform a play in front of a crowd? It’s the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had. The best experience I’ve ever had was a theatre festival. The lights, costumes, props, makeup… Everything about theatre is amazing.

I’ve been doing theatre since sixth grade, but there are so many more opportunities in high school than middle school. I’m doing my third play this school year, and I was only able to do one each year until now. I plan to do three plays every year until I graduate, but that’s if I don’t let my acting skills… Or my grades…. Fall. 

I actually make friends doing this, surprisingly. They’re really nice, too. I think I’ve chosen the right crowd to hang with. I may not be the best actress in my friend group, but I’m average at a lot of things. I’m also bad at a lot of things. But that’s okay, because I love doing them.

I just realized how little I actually have to say about this, so that’s all for today! I’ll probably be back tomorrow with a good sized post… If not, you should shun me. I’ve been doing horribly with these posts lately. See you tomorrow! 



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