He’s the greatest. He’s given me a lot of the confidence I was lacking before. We’ve suffered through a lot together. I’ve been there for him when his life sucked, and he’s been there when my stupid problems clouded the way to happiness. He’s one of my best friends, but he’s gone now. Not like dead gone, but going to a different school. I miss him…

‘Who is this?’ You may be asking yourself. His name is Casey. It’s pretty hard to describe him, you’d have to meet him in person to really understand what I’m saying. All I can really say about him is that he’s the kindest, most caring person I’ve met. Ever. He’d do anything to help a friend out. He’s my wingman. He’s my homie. He’s my gaming buddy. He may be my ex, but that just means we’ve been through more together than any other bros. And to all of you that say that guys and girls can’t be best friends without being in a relationship at the same time, Casey and I are living proof that you’re wrong.

It’s his birthday today, and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how awesome he is. Because he’s amazing. And he deserves a damn good birthday.


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