BEDA Day 26: My sexuality

Remember how I said yesterday there were more sexualities than straight, gay and bisexual? Well, that’s because I don’t identify with any of those three… Sexually or romantically. I don’t know why, but I feel the need to come out to you guys.

I am an asexual panromantic. “What does this mean?” You may ask. Well, let me explain.

Asexual means I don’t feel sexual attraction. There are different levels of asexuality, though. Demisexuals and gray-asexuals are also in the “ace spectrum” which is every kind of asexual there is that have certain conditions. Me, I’m just a regular asexual. But this doesn’t mean I’m necessarily uncomfortable talking about sex. You can learn more about asexuality here.

Panromantic? That means I’m romantically attracted to others regardless of their sex or gender. Basically, if someone identifies as a boy, girl or non-binary doesn’t matter to me.

I hope this was relatively simple to understand. See you guys tomorrow!


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