The World is Ending… Also Space Controversy

It’s funny how many ways the Earth could end at this point… And it seems like a big deal, but will it impact the rest of the Solar System? The Galaxy? The Universe? Doubtful. We are so unimaginably small, I don’t think anything bigger would be affected.

How will the world end? Well… Let’s list out the possibilities. We could burn, freeze, blow ourselves up, cause an ecological collapse *coughCLIMATECHANGEcough*, get sucked up by a black hole, get hit by a meteor, fall out of orbit, and probably lots more.

We can’t stop the majority of these things from happening, but I don’t want my generation to never be remembered because the people 2-3 generations older than us screwed up the planet for everyone. I want to die knowing that my great grandchildren once walked the Earth. Gotta love an abundance of carbon dioxide…

Is there anything beyond death? I think so, but I’m not sure what. Nobody living actually knows if there is anything after life, or what it is. We can only say what it might be until we die. There are plenty of ideas, but are any of them right? Am I going to be burned in hell? Or be reincarnated into a cow? Who the hell knows?

I know this topic is very controversial but I think about it a lot. I look up at the stars and I know that I’m infinitely small. I wonder what could possibly be happening in an extremely vast Universe in which we can only assume, we can only hope is understandable through mathematics. But is it really? Just because it seems to check out doesn’t mean it actually does. Maybe we’re extremely wrong… But will we ever know? Will we as a race live long enough to find out?


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