Sorry I forgot to post guys! This weekend has been kind of hectic. Great, but hectic.

*EDITOR’S NOTE(WEDNESDAY): I swear this was supposed to be posted Sunday… Sorry I suck*


Lots of driving. So much driving. I learned that my dad has great intentions, but is a smartass with no patience. Also, I’m 90% sure he’s transphobic. My sisters are all grown up… It’s saddening, really. I also figured out he has a good taste in music. I met my dad’s girlfriend and some of her family. They seemed nice. The boys, ages 4 and 6, they were… Interesting… Friday was basically food and sleep for me.


Woke up late and went to my grandmother’s house. We spent a few hours there, then went swimming. We also got ice cream! I accidentally got a float because it had the name “Rainbow Supreme” (I don’t like carbonation). Then we went home and watched a movie.


Another late day. We got up, got some breakfast and went to a lake. There, we went kayaking and ALMOST jumped from a rope swing. It was a bit too clod for that, though. After I got out of the lake I had to leave, though. I bid my goodbyes to everyone and my father and I were back on the road. I was glad to find out he is NOT homophobic. I was picked up by my mom halfway from my parents’ houses (they live about 4 hours away from each other) and the drive back to my mom’s house was nice. Quiet and boring, but nice. It felt good to be home again, though I can’t wait to go back to my dad’s for another weekend.


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