What I’ve Been Doing

So yeah, I didn’t post Thursday. But here’s why!

Thursday: Portcon day 1

My friend and I went to Portcon to get our badges and chill for a bit. We went to the mall and played some games (not very successfully) and that was it, really.

Friday: Portcon day 2

Tons of stuff happened. We went to a bunch of events and met some new people! We played some games, ate some food and my friend got weed socks. Yes, socks with a weed pattern on them. I also fought some people. Let’s just say I went home EXHAUSTED that night.

Saturday: Summerfest

I woke up early and met my friends at the parade. We hung out there,then looked at some cars. (that was fun….) Later, we went to he playgrounds and the river on campus. Late that night, fireworks. Another night going home exhausted.

So yeah! That’s been my past 3 days, sorry I didn’t post Thursday!

See you guys next time!

~Tentative Visionary


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