Oops, another crisis

There are questions that we can only hope we can someday answer. Some of these are on a scale as small as “what happens after we die?” Or as large as “If and when the Universe collapses, what’s next?”

I now see a pattern in these existential questions. They’re all about what happens after the unimaginable. What happens after we die. What happens after Earth is destroyed. What happens after the Universe collapses. What happens when nothing exists.

Well, I believe that there have been a series of big bangs before the one that created our Universe. Other realities that collapsed before us. Billions and billions of years ago, did they have another Universe with insane technologies we couldn’t even dream of? Is this the worst of the realities? Will realities continue to get worse billions of years in the future?

Whoops, a bit too deep there…. Also, I’m sorry I disappeared for a while. I had some pretty bad writer’s block. But I’m back now!

See you guys next time!

~Tentative Visionary


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