You may asking, “if you’re so depressed and suicidal, how are you still here?”

Well, I have a few ways to temporarily relieve the pain.

1. YouTube

If I don’t feel safe sometime in the middle of the night, I’ll find one of my favorite youtubers and watch one of their series I haven’t seen yet. It usually makes me feel better… But I also lose my place, depending on the length of the series. 

2. Music

This is the one I use most often. I just listen to a certain playlist over and over until I find myself singing along. This method does involve a lot of wallowing and trying to forget how much of an idiot I am.

3. Photography

I love photography. If I’m not feeling confident, I’ll put on a little makeup and take a few selfies. I also edit photos to convey my emotions.

4. Social media

These days, my social media is filled with memes. I’ll scroll down my feed and fond things that I lightly chuckle at…. Or laugh hysterically… Either one works for me.

5. Friends

I am fortunate to have the best, most caring group of friends anyone could ask for. I could message someone at 2 am about my problems and they’ll be right there to help. And if that isn’t truly great friendship, I don’t know what is. So thank you… Everyone that’s helped me through my imaginary bullshit.


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