This is new?

Once in a while, I will stray from my set schedule. Today is one of those days.

Today I’m reacting (venting, rather) to a phrase I hear all the time.

“You think your problems are bad? How about the children starving in Africa?”

Yes, thank you. All these years of hearing this phrase has made me realize that because I’m not in poverty, my feelings are completely invalid. Because I, A child, am supposed to be able to do anything about? Not to be rude, but people suffering across the world is not my primary concern at the moment.

My primary concerns are keeping my friends and family happy and taking care of my responsibilities, all while trying to keep myself alive and functioning. While trying not to wake anyone up at night with the noises I make while crying. While trying to keep my forearms free of scars, and my mind clear of suicidal thoughts.

But hey, maybe I’m the one in the wrong. Since nothing particularly bad is happening to me, why am I suffering? I’m just begging for attentionobviously. Yes, of course. My emotions have no meaning, and I’m just overreacting.

Sorry, I’m a train wreck!

~ Tentative Visionary


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