I almost slipped.


A few nights ago, I almost harmed myself.

I had to find ways to keep myself busy, so I wouldn’t grab a sharp object. So I wouldn’t do it.

There are five words I keep in my mind when I get like this: Disbelief, fear, anxiety, pain, tears. These words are how people would react if I were to self-harm.

So instead, I decorated my forearm with tally marks and drew a picture. Don’t worry, though. I’m alright.

See you guys next time!

~Tentative Visionary



2 thoughts on “I almost slipped.

  1. Hey! Firstly, I think your blog is awesome :). Secondly, well done for overcoming the urge! That’s admirable, and I know how hard it can be to overcome that impulse sometimes. I’m here if you ever need someone who understands!x

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