Song Recommendation #7


Happiness is entirely subjective.

What even makes a person happy? It depends on the person.

Some people have it all the time, others would do anything in their power to get it.

Me? I’m unsure.

Yes, there are times when my smile is beaming brighter than the sun, but there are also times when my tears are waterfalls rolling down my face and I’m trying to keep noise to a minimum.

When I’m happy, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I smile and others smile, and life is good.

If I was like this most of the time (always being happy is too much to ask for) I would be fine.

But when I’m upset, it’s never just a little. It takes my mind and throws it into an abyss. This cliff is every bad thought and every fear I’ve ever had. It’s like jumping from my IQ to my ego.

It’s gotten to the point in which being truly happy is a rarity. It’s now an acceptable use of “you don’t see THAT every day”.

But it’s okay because I know things will turn around someday. I’m still adventuring in my pursuit of happiness.

See you guys next time!

~Tentative Visionary


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