I believe that every human being deserves, at the very least, the most basic level of respect. I look around, and I see a lot of hate and ultimately, dehumanization. What happened to the golden rule- “treat others how you want to be treated”? Where is the respect that I saw and gave as a child? Sure, the world was a bit tinted and I was innocent, but as we grow, we all start to see how dark this world really is. It’s as if once we hit adolescence, society turns the light off- as if we’ll be okay in the dark. What I’m trying to say is, just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we don’t need to show each other respect.

Egalitarianism: The somehow unrealistic notion that all human beings, no matter their skin color, sexuality, gender, origin, age, religion or place in this “social hierarchy” we have in place, are equal. Every human being is a human being, and should be treated like one. Sure, people say and do terrible things and deserve to be hated, but what they deserve more is at the very, VERY least, common decency. Whether we are worthy of praise or hatred, we are all equal. In Mark Fischbach’s words, “We, as YouTubers, are the exact same as you. We’re humans. We’re people, wandering this world, trying to figure out who we are, just the same as you (RESPECT 3:06)”. If that’s the case, what makes anyone more worthy of respect than others? Nothing.

I can’t say it enough- I’m sick of hearing about people being treated like scum. It’s our job as human beings to treat each other with respect. There’s a reason schools are so big on respect and kindness. They’re just as sick of all this violence and hate as I am. There are plenty of things the human race has accomplished by coming together. Why can’t respect be among those things, when that’s what we’ve been learning to use since day 1?

I find it strange that people are put into boxes based on such arbitrary things- such as skin color or religion. It’s happened many times throughout history- people have been discriminated against and dehumanized for the most basic things that we all have the right to have. If someone isn’t free to believe in what they choose, why not? Why can’t they decide what religion they have? Why can’t they be with the people they love? Why is every element of our existence a determining factor as to whether or not we deserve to be treated as a person?

If you think about it, every act of hatred can be boiled down to “you should be treated like trash because you’re not like me”. I’m not saying these things to gain publicity. I’m saying these things because, quite frankly, they need to be said. Because for some reason, in 2017, we still can’t get along. Everyone has the potential to do something great, or devastating. Whether they do either one depends entirely on the people around them. Keep that in mind before you open your mouth.


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