BEDA Day 30: A little treat for making it this far.

One… I look at my friends. Their gazes are stone cold, straight ahead of them.

Two… I look up. The colors of the sunset paint the sky.

Three… Wow, not a cloud in the sky!

Four… The yellow, orange, pink, purple… Purple’s my favorite color, you know?

Five… I am tempted to look over my shoulder, though I know I shouldn’t. Looking back now would just give me false hope.

Six… I try to catch a glimpse from one of my friends. Still no success.

Seven… Seems as if the ground is the only place to look now. But my eyes aren’t satisfied by the dirt and rocks below me.

Eight… Closing my eyes? Not the best idea, but I do it anyway. I see a field, with a cute little- oh, it disappeared.

Nine… I see the dust from the soldiers approaching us… The wind sweeps it away, revealing the army we’re about to face.

Ten… The first shot is fired. I verbally refuse. “No!” A bullet pierces my forehead as the word escapes my mouth. The dark red liquid we call blood is now flowing down my face. I look up, one last time. The dust is dancing in the sky. My life flashes before my eyes like a ten second movie. And finally, I’m on the ground. Motionless, emotionless, thoughtless, pale. This bullet just made an orphan of my child. But, as I heard in a song once, nothing lasts forever but the Earth and sky.

Hey guys! I was feeling a bit inspired today. Expect to see more things like this, now that I’ve regained my creative ability.

Also, the last day of BEDA! Wow, time flies when you have to write a blog post every day! Anyway, not doing this again next year. I feel like I’m being pressured to write something, so I end up either doing it very badly and last minute or just not doing it. I apologize to anyone who enjoyed reading my posts every day, but I will now be posting once every three days, starting May 7th.

See you guys next time!


BEDA Day 28: Oh wow, I’m still alive!

Hi, my name is Trinity. I’m 15 years old and my life had been kinda shitty until a couple of days ago. I’m an awkward nerd with little to no self esteem. Maybe my life is more boring than shitty, I’m not sure. But there are some damn great people in my life I’m terrified of losing.

Now that I’m 15, I can learn to drive, learn to shoot and brag about the fact that I’m 15. That’s it. I’m not a completely different person, I’m pretty much the same as I was yesterday, in fact. Just a bit closer to dying. 

*sigh*… This was supposed to be the last day of BEDA, but of course I missed 2 days. But I’m glad I took the time I needed to get my shit together, so I could make it to my 15 year milestone.

But thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my shitty blog. You guys are the greatest. See you tomorrow!

BEDA Day 26: My sexuality

Remember how I said yesterday there were more sexualities than straight, gay and bisexual? Well, that’s because I don’t identify with any of those three… Sexually or romantically. I don’t know why, but I feel the need to come out to you guys.

I am an asexual panromantic. “What does this mean?” You may ask. Well, let me explain.

Asexual means I don’t feel sexual attraction. There are different levels of asexuality, though. Demisexuals and gray-asexuals are also in the “ace spectrum” which is every kind of asexual there is that have certain conditions. Me, I’m just a regular asexual. But this doesn’t mean I’m necessarily uncomfortable talking about sex. You can learn more about asexuality here.

Panromantic? That means I’m romantically attracted to others regardless of their sex or gender. Basically, if someone identifies as a boy, girl or non-binary doesn’t matter to me.

I hope this was relatively simple to understand. See you guys tomorrow!

BEDA Day 25: Tumblr

Oh god, the website that started it all…

Tumblr. Y’know, the one us nerds stay up until 1 AM on. The one infested with ridiculously hilarious memes. Fandom Central. Yep, this one. Super controversial, full of equality and stupidity. It’s honestly beautiful.

Also, it’s the site where I connected with people I actually have things in common with. Friends, even. But more importantly, it’s where I found out that there are more genders than boy and girl, and there are far more sexualities than straight, gay and bisexual. But of course, there’ll be more on that tomorrow.

Anyway, don’t hate on memes. They’re my life. See you guys tomorrow!

BEDA Day 24: Another friend of mine.

BEDA Day 24: Another friend of mine.

He’s the greatest. He’s given me a lot of the confidence I was lacking before. We’ve suffered through a lot together. I’ve been there for him when his life sucked, and he’s been there when my stupid problems clouded the way to happiness. He’s one of my best friends, but he’s gone now. Not like dead gone, but going to a different school. I miss him…

‘Who is this?’ You may be asking yourself. His name is Casey. It’s pretty hard to describe him, you’d have to meet him in person to really understand what I’m saying. All I can really say about him is that he’s the kindest, most caring person I’ve met. Ever. He’d do anything to help a friend out. He’s my wingman. He’s my homie. He’s my gaming buddy. He may be my ex, but that just means we’ve been through more together than any other bros. And to all of you that say that guys and girls can’t be best friends without being in a relationship at the same time, Casey and I are living proof that you’re wrong.

It’s his birthday today, and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how awesome he is. Because he’s amazing. And he deserves a damn good birthday.

BEDA Day 23: Back and better… Pretty much

I’m so sorry I left for a couple of days… I needed to gather my thoughts. Just so I don’t pour out my emotions in some unexpected post about suicide. I’m… Pretty unstable. But I’m better now. I’ve started school again, organized my life a little and found a girlfriend (not who I’ve mentioned time and time again).

Also, I forgot to tell you about the schedule I have in mind. After April ends, I’ll do all of my late posts and then I’ll put out a post once every three days. Also, I’d love some ideas on what to write about next! I’m open to any ideas you have. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind some prompts on fictional writing, either.

Anyway, I just thought I’d keep you posted. See you tomorrow with actual content!

BEDA Day 22: Heh… Nope.

So… BEDA might not be BEDA… I’m grounded starting Monday and I won’t have my electronics after school. So, if I don’t get a post out every day, I’ll try to make up for it in May. Basically, every day that I miss in April will be made up in May.

Sorry this post isn’t much, just an announcement. See you tomorrow with the actual beginning of the sappy friend posts!